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Chateau Betan lies in one of the biggest pine woods in Europe in the French region of Les Landes. Situated only one hour by car from the airport of the famous seaside resort of Biarritz, the chateau is only one and a half hour from the international airport of the city of Bordeaux, the centre of the best wines in the world. The Chateau is located only 30 minutes away from the beautiful rugged beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, and close to famous old cities of Dax, and Mont de Marsan. It is also only one and a half hours away from the Spanish Border and the Pyrenees Mountains and ski resorts, and the famous Catholic Pilgrim place of Lourdes. In this area you can also see the famous Spanish-French bull fight of the Corida. The Chateau is a complete private land estate with more than 14 hectare's of land, gardens with palm trees and ancient trees and grass. The Chateau is an isolated estate offering complete privacy, and isonly 1km from the village of Baylongue near the small town of Rion des Landes. The Old Wine House The wine house dating from the late 18th Century is completely refurbished into a two storey spacious modern house of approximately 200sq meters. This wine house has two bedrooms, a kitchen ?dining area, and a large living room with open fireplace which is on the top floor connected to the ground floor by a beautiful staircase. There is also a specially designed bathroom that connects to the master bedroom. The Chateau is built of Italian Renaissance style with two towers interconnecting in the front and one tower in the back. The ground floor of the Chateau has a beautiful entrance and reception area with tall doors leading to all ground floor rooms. The grand salon is situated at the rear of the Chateau and overlooks the gardens and lake. The gentleman?s smoking room which is used now as a lounge room for relaxing, watching tv, and receiving guests for a drink. an open fire and connecting door to the kitchen. At the rear of the Chateau there is an outside terrace that connects with the salon. On the first floor are four beautiful bedrooms and three bathrooms, and a powder room in the tower. On the second floor there is a bed sitting room and two other bedrooms with two separate bathrooms. History In the late 18th century there was only the original wine house and the owners were running a large vineyard. The property was sold to a noble family who began to build their chateau. The Chateau dates back to the year 1820 when the construction of the main building began it took nearly 40 years to complete the castle and in 1860 the Chateau you see today was finished. For many years a noble family from England owned the Chateau and visited regularly by their private helicopter which landed in the grounds of the Chateau. The Chateau is now owned by a gentleman from the Netherlands who has decorated the Chateau?s interior with an influence of antique French and Asian styles.

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