Uluwatu Cliff View

35 Are in Uluwatu overlooking the ocean

Uluwatu is located on the most southwest tip of bali characterized by limestone cliff surrounded by sea. Uluwatu is not only famous for its magnificent sights but also for its most challenging surfing beaches in the world. Just 30-45 minutes from the airport. A great spot for a luxury villa overlooking the ocean.

Side Uluwatu Land Bali Real Estate

Please note that this listing is from 2003-10-28 and a historic reference only, not valid anymore or may be available on other websites....

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Uluwatu Cliff View Pictures:

Uluwatu Cliff View Side Uluwatu LandUluwatu Cliff View Looking DownUluwatu Cliff View Side Uluwatu Land SaleUluwatu Cliff View Uluwatu LandUluwatu Cliff View Land FenceUluwatu Cliff View Ocean ViewUluwatu Cliff View Uluwatu Land

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